Gas Analyzer / Air Quality Gas Analyers
Model : TP48-N-NDI
Surge Protection
● 필드 케이블링에서 써지와 과도상태를 대비한 전자 처리 트랜스미터 보호장치
● 2,3,4 wire 트랜스미터 보호
● 쉽고 간단한 마운팅
● Intrinsically safe & flameproof
● ATEX 검증
● 제품보증기간 10년
Maximum surge current : 20kA peak current (8/20μs waveform)

Leakage current : Less than 10μA at max. working voltage

Working voltage : 35V dc maximum

Bandwidth : 1MHz

Resistance : No resistance introduced into loop

Ambient temperature limits : -40°C to +85°C(-40°F to +185°F) (working)
-40°C to +85°C(-40°F to +185°F) (storage)

Humidity : 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Electrical connections:
TP48- 3 flying leads (line1, line 2 & earth)
TP48 3 Wire- 4 flying leads (+ve, -ve, signal &earth)
TP48 4 Wire- 5 flying leads (+ve, -ve, signal +ve, signal -ve, earth)
Wire size: 32/0.2 (1.0mm2, 18 AWG)
Lead length: 250mm (minimum)

Casing : 316 stainless steel suitable for harsh environments

Threads : TP48-3-N & TP48-4-N - 1/2” NPT
TP48-3-I & TP48-4-1 - 20mm ISO ) (M20 x 1.5)
TP48-3-G & TP48-4-G - G 1/2” (BSP1/2”)

Weight : 175g. (6.2oz.)

EMC compliance : To Generic Immunity Standards BS EN 61326-1:2006 for industrial environments

Electrical safety :
Ex ia IIC T4, Ceq=O, Leq=0; the unit can be connected without further certification into any intrinsically safe loop with open circuit voltage <60V and input power <1.2W.
Ex d IIC T4; the unit is apparatus approved to flameproof (explosionproof) standards, and can be fitted into a similarly approved housing.