Gas Analyzer / Flue Gas Analyers
Model : 3030 PM FID
● 휘발성 유기 화합물(VOCs) 및 탄화수소용의 FID 방식 휴대용 가스 분석기
● 0 to 4ppm to 10,000ppm (8 ranges)
● 자동 셋업, 자동 점화, 교정 및 측정 범위 변경등 full automatic microprocessor operation
● Catalyrtic air purifier 내장
● Electric Temperature & Pressure Transducers
● Heated line 및 High Temperature probe 장착
Detector: Flame lonisation Detector (FID)

Ignition : Automatic fuel enrichment and re-ignition

Display: Green 4 digit LED and bar graph

Response : 95% of reading within 1.5s

Zero drift : Less than 2% in 8 hours

Detector Noise : 0.03ppm Propane

Oxygen response : at 100ppm C3H8 in air to Nitrogen, less than 2% (with He/H2 fuel)

Outputs: 0 to 10V dc, 4 to 20mA, RS232

Autocalibration : Controlled by microprocessor, RS232 or switched logic

Power requirements: 240/220V 50Hz

Dimensions: 500mm(w) x 210(h) x 340(d)

Operating conditions: Ambient temperature 5 to 40→, relative humidity Up to 95%, non condensing

Response time: From 2 seconds (5 to 95%) at 2 liters/min Flow rate.

Accuracy & repeatability: Better than +/- 1% range or +/- 0.2ppm Whichever greater

Detector noise: Less than +/-0.1ppm or +/-0.1% of range, Whichever greater.

Linearity: Better than +/-2% of point or +/-0.5% FID on all ranges down to 10% of range

Options : Hydrogen or Hydrogen/Helium fuel special high ranges

Weight : approx. 15kg