Gas Monitoring System / Portable Gas Detectors
Model : Tetra
● 휴대용 멀티 가스 검지기
● 한대로 4가지 가스 동시에 측정 가능
● 산소 및 독성, 폭발성 가스 검지
● 버튼 하나로 간단히 작동 가능
● Digital interchangeable i-module sensor 장착
● Sampling pump 내장 가능
● 견고한 디자인
● 경보음 및 경보등/진동으로 위험 분위기 경고
● TWA 알람 제공
● 측정가스 : Flammable, Oxygen, H2S, CO, SO2, CH2, NO2, NH3, O3, H2
Measuring Gas : Flammable, Oxygen, H2S, CO, SO2, CL2, NO2, NO, NH3,
O3, H2, HCN, HCL, HF, Phosphine, Ethylene Oxide

Typical response times : Flammable Gas 20s
Toxic gas 20s
O2 10s

Audible Alarms : 94dBA @ 30cm

Visible Alarms : Dual colour red/blue flashing LED pair in gas hazard

Display : 128x64 graphic LCD with backlight

Datalogging : Event logging, 8000 event capacity

Battery Types : Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Non rechageable pack 3xAA Alkaline cells

Operating temp. : -20℃ to +55℃

Humidity : 0 to 99% RH

Ingress Protection : IP65

Approval code : EEx iad IIC T4

Dimensions : 122 x 128 x 57mm Rechargeable
134 x 128 x 57mm Non-rechargeable

Weignt : 498g