Gas Monitoring System / Portable Gas Detectors
Model : Detective
● 이동형 멀티 가스 검지기
● 작업 현장 변동시 이동이 용이하며, 작업장이 넓을 경우 여러대를 연결하여 사용 가능
● 1 대로 4가지 가스 측정 가능
● 본질안전방폭형으로 위험 지역에서 사용 가능
● 뒤집어지더라도 손상되지 않는 견고한 디자인
● 경보 사이렌 및 경보등 가능
● RS232 interface
● 측정가스 : Flammable, Oxygen, H2S, CO, SO2, CL2, NO2, Phosphine, NH3, H2, O3 등
Measuring gases : Flammable gas, Oxygen, H2S, CO, SO2, CL2,
NO2, NH3, HCN, HCL, O3, Phosphine

Display : 2 lines of 24 characters, dot matrix high contrast LCD with back light operating for 30 min.

Typical response times : Methan 20s, Oxygen 10s, Toxic 20s

Expected sensor life : Flammable 5 years, Toxic 3 years, Oxygen 1 year minimum

Audible alarms : Wailing, omni-directional siren, 101dBA @ 1m, user selectable tones confidence blip.

Visible alarms : Four large, top-mounted red LED clusters and single red LED on control panel.

Datalogging : Adjustable sample rate, 100hours @ 1 minute sample rate

Battery : 6V, 4.8Ah Sealed lead acid battery pack

Battery charging : Built-in battery charging circuit, dual rate

Operating temp. range : -20 to +50℃

Approval codes : Ex ias IIC T4

Ingress protection : IP65

Dimensions : 660h x 380w x 380d mm

Wegith : 8.5kg