Pressure Measurement System / Pressure Sensors
Model : FCO432
Pressure Transmitter
다양한 클린 환경 애플리케이션에 적합한 FCO432는 저차압 transmitter로 다양한 전압 또는 전류 루프 구성으로 사용할 수 있다.
▶ 초저압 측정
▶ 2-wire mA 또는 4-wire voltage output
▶ 2개의 relay 가능
f▶ low/velocity square-root output
▶ Auto zero와 Remote zero옵션
Model 1: ±50Pa
Model 2: ±150Pa
Model 3: ±500Pa
Model 4: ±2500Pa
Model 5: ±10kPa
Model 6: ±20kPa
Model 7: ±30kPa
Model 8: ±1bar
Model 9: -1bar to +2bar
Model 10: -1bar to +6bar
Model 11: -1bar to +10bar

▶ Ourtput options
2 wire 4-20mA (only available for models 1 to 7)
4 wire isolated 4-20mA: (only available for models 1 to 7)
4 wire isolated voltage: 0-1 VDC to 0-10VDC full scale
4 wire isolated voltage: ±1 VDC to ±10 VDC full scale

▶Display options
Low power LCD
High brightness blue OLED (Requires local 24VDC power)

▶Measurement functions
Linear, square-root, custom linearisation, various selectable engineering units

▶Trip Level Relays
Optional: 2 relays, rated 2A @ 55Vac, 30Vdc

▶Zero Control
Optional: Automatic or Remote

Internal Micro-USB for instrument configuuration (free utility software)
Optional external RS232, RS485 or USB port.